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The founders are Ali Nabu & Bavugar Nabu, they have been in the web3/NFT space since 2021

Ali Nabu a.k.a Ali Sharafi is an entrepreneur with years of background in E-Commerce, Product & Marketing in the middle east, he came to the space trying to find artists for one of his web2 projects which was a story telling application, then he fell in love with the space and started collecting 1/1 art and also joined communities like BAYC, Moonbirds, Admit One & Zen333, etc… now he’s a well-known collector, community builder and now a meta-producer in the space
Bavugar Nabu a meta-producer with a background in Entertainment, Art & Marketing, he got in to the space after he got kidnapped by corrupt politicians 2 months before he joined the space, long story short… you can’t have success in middle east as a young entrepreneur unless you bribe the politicians so because he denied to do that he got kidnapped after one of his successful projects. He was locked in a 1 by 1 tiny room for 5 days, he lost $200,000 and his company because of that, then he started creating art to heal from mental health issue after what happened, that opened his eyes to NFTs and chose the name Bavugar for his new identity which means reborn, now he’s a well-known character, artist, community builder & collector in the space.
Both Ali & Bavugar are from the middle east with worldwide powerful connections across industries, they know the potential of the space and how it will take over as internet did, NFT space is a big reborn opportunity in life for both Ali & Bavugar to bring their big dreams to life and share their success with the community around them.
They met each other in the space and became more than brothers, they went through ups and downs together, soon enough they started to gain their respect & reputation in the NFT Art community, because of supporting artists by collecting from them, showcasing their works on their huge twitter space shows which each episode has over 500 live listeners, in period of 5 months +8000 NFT sales been made through their twitter spaces for artists and creators, the initiative is simple, they have built massive connections in the space with big collectors & art lovers, they guide the collectors to find new art and to collect from artists live on the space, they connected many big collectors and artists, this helped and motivated thousands of new and established artists to keep going as a creator in the NFT space and get exposure In the easiest way possible.
The show is about good vibes only, dope collectors collecting dope art from dope artists.
Bavugar & Ali always been close together, they’ve always shared the same vision and the same ideas, they filled each other’s gap in the space. After both gained a decent following on twitter because of their good intentions and actions towards the art community, as always a few haters stepped in as well, but nothing could stop them from the value they stand for.
One day they were on a phone call as usual being super energetic and hyped about their next move, Nabu Lines was born from that phone call, they wanted to go big, something bigger than themselves, something everyone can get benefit from, something different than fake hyped projects with no real vision and just dream selling, both had the same mindset for how NFTs can be used as a backbone of community and how it can become access to both Digital/Physical products across diverse industries, they were realistic with it so they knew it can’t be done fast but step by step!
they chose Nabu as the name of their next big move which is based on their interest in ancient civilizations, Nabu was the god of wisdom, creativity and knowledge in ancient Mesopotamia, Babylon thousands of years ago… they wanted to choose a different term that get along with their vision instead of Labs or studios which is popular among most of the NFT companies, so they chose (Lines). Fresh and original, representing their vision.
Nabu Lines was born with a very long term vision. Each line in the future will focus on sectors in Technology, Culture, Education, Story Telling & Entertainment.

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A team from the core of the web3 community and its experience. Meta-producers, artists, community builders, and developers No fancy words but action always speaks lauder and remains in history. Specially on the blockchain…

Ali Nabu

Co-Founder & Meta-Producer

Bavugar Nabu

Co-Founder & Meta-Producer




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